Inside this book

  1. Discover the three Operational Styles active in every workplace, and how these Styles shape the way people work.
  2. Identify and embrace your Operational Style as you recognize and adapt to the styles of others to avoid style clashes!
  3. Establish common ground for better communication, collaboration and mutually-beneficial outcomes.
  4. Leverage your strengths and minimize weakness as you better navigate your own “Workplace Wilderness.”
  5. Align to your design and set a course for a more satisfying, thriving professional existence!

What's your style?

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Leigh Durst, Author

A seasoned management consultant and recognized authority in business transformation, Leigh Durst has advised global Fortune 100, startups, nonprofits, government agencies and businesses across sectors, including 1-800-FLOWERS, American Express, AOL Time Warner, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Chevron, IEEE and the US Army Reserve. She has been featured in media outlets like Fast Company, ABC News, CNN, CNET, National Geographic, three best-selling books and the documentary, Social Good in a Digital Age.

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"Life’s too short to spend it in fucking suckdom. I don’t work this way, and neither does Leigh. Read her book, go forth, and thrive." Whurley General Partner, Ecliptic Capital; CEO, Strangeworks
"Leigh has a profound grasp on the human heart. Her wit and wisdom will motivate you into new and wonderful realities for your life and career." Nancy Duarte Principal, Duarte Inc.; Bestselling Author, "Resonate", "Slide:ology" and "HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations"
"I first heard Leigh’s ideas about operational styles while chatting with her in at an NYC tech conference. Her method was so useful and clear that I’ve used it as a mental model ever since." Esteban Contrerez Sr Director of Product Management, Hootsuite
"Leigh Durst has been on the leading edge of business transformation for…well, forever! Here, she’s packaged all of that hard-earned insight to help you better navigate the ever-shifting workplace terrain — and find joy in following your own path!" Ann Handley WSJ bestselling author, Everybody Writes
"Leigh has an astute understanding of human nature, and a unique ability to turn everyday interactions into amazing collaborations. Walk, Climb, or Fly is packed with her transformational insight and will help anyone in the workplace find and nurture their potential with new, collaborative superpowers." Poppy Crum CTO, Trimble
"A book for the modern workplace written by a contemporary practitioner. Leigh has been a pioneer in digital and business transformation across multiple industries. Her unique experiences equip her to help the rest of us think differently about ever-changing workplace dynamics and what it takes for people – and businesses - to really thrive." David Armano David Armano
"Totally blows everything you know about MBTI and similar tests out of the water! Practical, first-hand advice from Leigh Durst's operational style theory. This book will show you if you are a walker, climber, or flyer, and most importantly how to work with people - whatever their styles may be." Brian Wallace CEO, NowSourcing
"Leigh is a seasoned business leader, change agent and consultant who offers totally fresh insight into how you are designed to work. These ideas were written for such a time as this—simple, helpful guidance for navigating the complex and fast-paced technology-driven world." Sherol Chen AI & Machine Learning Developer, Google; Founder, Passion Talks
"For decades, Leigh has advised a who’s-who list of household names.  She’s a seasoned, wise business leader who is insightful, plain spoken and funny as hell. This is bound to be a good read." Monique Morrow Forbes Top Global 50 Women in Tech; Co-Founder, The Humanized Internet
"I love Leigh Durst’s approach to operational styles. After years of trying dozens of personality approaches — liking some, disliking others — I found her operational style approach refreshing. This book offers a new understanding of how to fit into organizations, manage within organizations, or even manage your own career. The book's worksheets and questionnaires are incredibly useful and eye-opening. This is a book almost anyone will find useful. " Jason Falls Marketing Executive & Keynote Speaker
"Creative, engaging, passionate, insightful, principled, savvy and smart...all words that very aptly apply to Leigh. Prepare yourself to be educated, challenged and encouraged by her words, as so many of her clients have been over the years." Neal Joseph Vice President, The Slingshot Group
"Leigh is not only a force of nature, knowledge and expertise, she has an almost prophetic ability to look inside an organization and understand what’s truly going on—with business and people. It is pleasure to see her easy mental model for understanding the ‘Workplace Wilderness’ outlined in this book—a must read for anyone!" Kelly Goto Bestselling Author of “Web Redesign: Workflow that Works” and CEO, Gotomedia
"Leigh has an extraordinary view into the dynamics of how people work and interact in the workplace and how it impacts their careers and happiness. In this book, she brings to life her unique perspective and practical approach to help people from all walks of life effectively navigate, with their well-being in mind, their work environments. This is fresh and inspiring." Rob Labelle Founding Partner of Brainwaive, LLC


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