October 31, 2019 1:45 pm

A few updates and links to helpful resources for readers of  Walk, Climb or Fly: Surviving and thriving in the Workplace Wilderness, plus a hint at what’s to come!

Want to know if you are a Walker, Climber or Flyer?   Our new operational styles infographic  provides a very high-level, handy overview!   However, if you buy the book (Kindle version is only $6.99!) you’ll learn even more!   The book provides robust trait breakdowns, including an entire chapter on each operational style, a trait list containing the most prominent “Pros and Pitfalls” for each style, and a chapter dedicated to helping you navigate style dynamics.  This is not only the best way to determine your operational style, but it will help you quickly identify the styles of others and build better and more productive work relationships.

While the pandemic has had everyone ratcheting back on speaking engagements and book promotion in general, but here’s some information about past and future events and engagements, with links to recordings where possible!

Our handy “Time Spent at Work” Calculator will help you get a true understanding of the time you spend in work mode – an eye-opening exercise for many!

Our “Freebies”section has the exercises and worksheets in PDF format, so you don’t have to “squish” your answers on to the pages of the book!

What’s Coming?

We’re working on new resources, including an online self-assessment!  

We hope you’ll check back as we add updates and content to the site, and be sure to send us feedback and ideas if you have them!